Overall Aircraft Services, LLC is an independent, full service aircraft maintenance, restoration and custom build facility. We are located 20 miles Northwest of Portland, Oregon at the Scappoose Airport (SPB). We perform minor to major repairs and alterations to GA Aircraft, routine inspections, and complete overhauls.

NEW We finished the Super Cub Project that has turned into a full ground up restoration with several additions. The cub is now happily back with it's owners who flew it back to Denver.

NEW We have started restoration on a Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser. This is going to be another ground up restoration which we are excited for!

NEW During the winter we have decided to recover the wings of the company airplane, The Westfall. A few of the modificaitons we are going to make include adding wingtip Nav lights, and moving the oil cooler to the wing to help with cooling. Click to view the progress!

NEW We have just aquired the rights and equiptment to make and repair the famous Florian Rotary Pinker. We have set up all the machines from the orginal manufacture and have begun making them again. You can find more information at our website www.florianpinker.com


Under the Evergreen Aviation Services and Restoration name we have produced several award winning ground up restorations, custom built aircraft, components and an owner assist program to help the "Do it yourselfers". At this time we are starting to downplay the Evergreen name and just go with Overall Aircraft due to confusion with the Evergreen Museum and the large aircraft and helicopter operation associated with it at McMinnville, Oregon.


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